“BMI KNOWLEDGE” promotes the creation and sharing of intellectual capital among academic and business leaders in the BMI community and beyond. It does so by drawing attention to and summarizing recent business research of practical value by faculty members in BMI’s international network of management educators, and analysis of business trends by industry leaders and  policymakers. Summary texts of about 500 words are published with links to the original sources when permitted.



BMI KNOWLEDGE installments to date (click to read):


- NEW! V.Vasiliauskas on the Potential of the Euro and the Eurozone (March 2016)


- Executive Compensation and Motivation (March 2015)


The Art Strategy of Luxury Brands (September 2014)


- Effective Management Control: Beyond Budgets (June 2014)


- Can Russia Revive its Economy? (March 2014)


- Inside an International Success Story: Huawei Europe (January 2014)


- Young Firm Internationalisation: Five Survival Secrets (November 2013)


- Corporate Alliances? Don't Forget Portfolio Effects! (October 2013)



The BMI Knowledge Editorial Committee oversees selection of research and analysis, preparation and editing of summaries for approval by authors, and the scheduling of topics and texts for publication.


The Editorial Committee consists of:

  • Prof. Jean-Paul Larçon, BMI Dean for Faculty and Research
  • Jaunius Pusvaškis, BMI Director General
  • Bryan P. Bradley, Communications Consultant

For more detailed information or to propose research materials for use by BMI Knowledge, please contact Prof. Jean-Paul Larçon at larcon@hec.fr or Bryan P. Bradley at bryan@bmi.lt.